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Notice of School Board Meetings (Government Code, §551.056(a)-(b)) - Click here to view School Board Meeting Dates for 2020-2021 – [A school district is required to post notices of meetings of the school board on the school district’s website, if a website is maintained by, or for, the district, and if a school district is located in whole or in part within the corporate boundaries of a municipality with a population of 48,000 or more.]

Agenda for School Board Meetings (Government Code, §551.056) SB 1133 79th Legislature  - Click here to view MISD Board Meeting Agendas

Local Government Officer – Conflicts Disclosure Statements – [The district must provide access to information concerning business relationships between local government officials and vendors that contract with local government entities. The manner by which information about these business relationships are disclosed was the subject of extensive interpretation and clarification by the Attorney General in GA-0446.]

Conflict Disclosure Statements and Questionnaire

Notice of Vacancies for Licensed / Certified Positions (For Notice of Vacancies see Human Resources)

SB 387 79th Legislature (Education Code, §11.163(d) and 11.1513(d)(1)(B)) – Allows at least ten days notice of a vacant position requiring a certificate or license to be posted on the district's website.

CTE Nondiscrimination Notice 2019-20

2020-2021 Organizational Chart/Chain of Command

USDA Nondiscrimination Statement

USDA Program Discrimination Complaint Form

Aviso de No Discriminación

Formulario de queja por discriminacion del programa del USDA