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Documents - 2016-2017 School Board Meetings

pdf2017-08-29 Called and Public Meeting Agenda pdf2017-08-29 Called Meeting Minutes pdf2017-08-29 Public Meeting Minutes pdf2017-08-25 Training Workshop Agenda pdf2017-08-25 Training Workshop Minutes pdf2017-08-15 Regular Meeting Agenda pdf2017-08-15 Regular Meeting Minutes pdf2017-07-25 Budget Workshop and Called Meeting Agenda pdf2017-07-25 Called Meeting Minutes pdf2017-07-25 Training Workshop Minutes pdf2017-07-18 Regular Meeting Agenda pdf2017-07-18 Regular Meeting Minutes pdf2017-07-10 Called Meeting Agenda pdf2017-07-10 Called Meeting Minutes pdf2017-06-13 Called Meeting Agenda pdf2017-06-13 Called Meeting Minutes pdf2017-06-13 Regular Meeting Agenda pdf2017-06-13 Regular Meeting Minutes pdf2017-06-06 Training Workshop Minutes pdf2017-06-06 Training Workshop pdf2017-06-02 Called Meeting Agenda pdf2017-06-02 Called Meeting Minutes pdf2017-05-26 Called Meeting Agenda pdf2017-05-26 Call Meeting Minutes pdf2017-05-16 Called Meeting Agenda pdf2017-05-16 Called Meeting Minutes pdf2017-05-09 Regular Meeting Addendum pdf2017-05-09 regular meeting minutes pdf2017-05-09 Regular Meeting Agenda pdf2017-04-18 Called Meeting Agenda pdf2017-04-18 Called Meeting Minutes pdf2017-04-18 Regular Meeting Agenda pdf2017-04-18 Regular Meeting Minutes pdf2017-04-06 Called Board Meeting Agenda pdf2017-04-06 Called Meeting Minutes pdf2017-03-30 Special Called Meeting pdf2017-03-30 Special Meeting Minutes pdf2017-03-21 Workshop Meeting Agenda pdf2017-03-21 Workshop Meeting Minutes pdf2017-03-21 Regular Meeting Addendum pdf2017-03-21 Regular Meeting Agenda pdf2017-03-21 Regular Meeting Minutes pdf2017-02-21 Regular Meeting Minutes pdf2017-02-21 Regular Meeting Agenda pdf2017-02-02 Workshop Meeting Agenda pdf2017-02-02 Workshop Meeting Minutes pdf2017-01-10 Regular Meeting Agenda pdf2017-01-10 Regular Meeting Minutes pdf2016-12-16 Called Meeting Agenda pdf2016-12-16 Called Meeting Minutes pdf2016-12-13 Public Hearing Agenda pdf2016-12-13 Public Hearing Minutes pdf2016-12-13 Regular Meeting Agenda pdf2016-12-13 Regular Meeting Addendum pdf2016-12-13 Regular Meeting Minutes pdf2016-11-15 Regular Meeting Addendum pdf2016-11-15 Regualr Board Meeting Agenda pdf2016-11-15 Regular Board Meeting Minutes pdf2016-10-20 Called Meeting Agenda pdf2016-10-20 Called Meeting Minutes pdf2016-10-20 Public Hearing Agenda pdf2016-10-20 Public Hearing Minutes pdf2016-10-20 Regular Board Meeting Agenda pdf2016-10-20 Regular Board Meeting Minutes pdf2016-10-11 Called School Board Meeting pdf2016-10-11 Called Meeting Minutes pdf2016-10-03 Called Meeting Agenda pdf2016-10-03 Called Meeting Minutes pdf2016-09-20 Public Hearing Minutes pdf2016-09-20 Regular Board Meeting Minutes pdf2016-09-20 Board Meeting Agenda pdf2016-08-30 Called Meeting Agenda pdf2016-08-30 Called Meeting Addendum pdf2016-08-30 Called Meeting Minutes pdf2016-08-16 Regular Meeting Agenda pdf2016-08-16 Regular Meeting Minutes pdf2017-08-09 Budget Workshop pdf2016-08-09 Called Meeting Agenda pdf2016-08-09 Called Meeting Minutes pdf2016-08 Public Hearing