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Track Meet Results

Posted Date: 04/08/2021

Track Meet Results

The McDade girls’ team was victorious at the UIL 1A-District 30 middle school track meet on Wednesday, March 31st at Runge High School. Overall, the girls scored 86 points as a team and walked away as district champions. The boys scored 52 points as a team, coming in fourth place in district.

Jana Dube: 1st place, 100m; 3rd place, 200m

Yaritza Rodriguez-Castro: 2nd place, 100m; 4th place, 200m; 1st place, 400m

Jocelyn Howard, Lauren Glosson, Yaritza Rodriguez-Castro, Jana Dube: 1st place, 4x100m relay

Jocelyn Howard: 3rd place, long jump

Jessica Dube: 1st place, shot put; 1st place, discus

Lauren Glosson: 4th place, shot put

Kelsey Dube: 7th place, shot put; 6th place, discus

Jacob Pacheco:P 6th place, 200m; 7th place, long jump

Chris Vazquez-Perez: 7th place, 400m; 5th place, 500m

Joziah Pacheco: 4th place, 800m; 3rd place, 2400m

Caleb Schulze: 7th place, 800m

Tyler Salas: 3rd place, 1600m; 2nd place, 2400m

Colby Miller: 5th place, 1600m; 5th place, 2400m

Joshua Dube: 8th place, shot put; 4th place, discus

Angel Vargas: 5th place, shot put; 4th place, discus