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McDade ISD
156 Marlin Street
McDade, Texas 78650
Phone: 512-273-2522
Fax: 512-273-2101
District Directory
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Barbie Birnbaum
Birnbaum, Barbie
4th Grade ELAR and Social Studies
barbara.birnbaum@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Tammy Campbell
Campbell, Tammy
Art/PE Teacher
tammy.campbell@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Jane Davis
Davis, Jane
2nd Grade Teacher
jane.davis@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Jennifer Davis Davis, Jennifer
5th Grade ELA/SS Teacher
jennifer.davis@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Digital Designs Designs, Digital
Design Class
ddm@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Mrs. Durham Durham, Mrs.
Kindergarten Teacher
delaine.durham@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Angie Fisher
Fisher, Angie
1st Grade Teacher
angie.fisher@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Debra Francis Francis, Debra
Jaime Garcia
Garcia, Jaime
7th-10th Math/Coach
jaime.garcia@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Morgan Goodson
Goodson, Morgan
High School Secretary
Amanda Hankemeier
Hankemeier, Amanda
6th Grade Teacher
amanda.hankemeier@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Shaun Hernandez
Hernandez, Shaun
Maintenance/Transportation Director
Pollye Hofstedt
Hofstedt, Pollye
Special Education
pollye.hofstedt@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Rosalee Hopkins Hopkins, Rosalee
4th Grade Teacher
rosalee.hopkins@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Cheryl Hunter
Hunter, Cheryl
Band Director
cheryl.hunter@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Lacy Jewell
Jewell, Lacy
7th-10th Science/Cheer
lacy.jewell@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Robin Johnson
Johnson, Robin
Administrative Assistant
Ilona Kanak
Kanak, Ilona
PK4 Teacher
ilona.kanak@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Annette King
King, Annette
Cafeteria Manager
Barbara Marchbanks
Marchbanks, Barbara
barbara.marchbanks@mcdadeisd.netView Website
April Marquez Marquez, April
2nd Grade Teacher
april.marquez@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Jana Muery
Muery, Jana
Administrative Assistant
Lisa Newsom
Newsom, Lisa
3rd Grade Teacher
lisa.newsom@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Amy Noack
Noack, Amy
Kindergarten Teacher
amy.noack@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Bridgette Olivier
Olivier, Bridgette
1st Grade Teacher
bridgette.olivier@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Jessica Purvis
Purvis, Jessica
PK4 Teacher
jessica.purvis@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Gina Sanders
Sanders, Gina
Instructional Specialist
gina.sanders@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Erich Schatte
Schatte, Erich
7th-10th AG Science
erich.schatte@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Kelsey Schatte Schatte, Kelsey
5th Grade
kelsey.schatte@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Jarratt Shipp
Shipp, Jarratt
High School History
jarratt.shipp@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Carol Shown
Shown, Carol
3rd Grade Teacher
carol.shown@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Cliff Spurlin Spurlin, Cliff
Technology Director
cliff.spurlin@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Sabrina Thomas
Thomas, Sabrina
Special Education
sabrina.thomas@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Kristen Torcoletti Torcoletti, Kristen
Admin Support Assistant
Frances Williams Williams, Frances
frances.williams@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Jeanette Williams
Williams, Jeanette
PK3 Teacher
jeanette.williams@mcdadeisd.netView Website
Laurey Wolf
Wolf, Laurey
Librarian, G/T, General Music
laurey.wolf@mcdadeisd.netView Website